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Common Butterfly Garden Predators and How to Handle Them

Every butterfly habitat has risks to be aware of. These risks include common predators that can be destructive to butterflies and their habitats. These butterfly garden predators can be properly handled through the use of traps.

There are some methods of handling butterfly garden predators that will not work though.

Many different common insects are noted for being predators. These are insects that will feed off of other insects. Ants and spiders are noted for being common predators but there are all sorts of other insects too. True bugs, which include cicadas and planthoppers, are common predators. These true bugs are noted for not only attacking plants and other animals from the outside but they can also be disruptive towards the roots and other ground based parts of butterfly habitats.

Insects in the mantid family, most notably the praying mantis, can be disruptive as well. These insects will focus primarily on the insects and caterpillars above all else. These are used primarily to get rid of pests but these are not recommended for any butterfly habitats.

Birds can be predators as well. Many birds will use insects, including butterflies, as feed for younger members of their families. These birds will vary according to where the butterfly garden is going to be planted but it will be very important to watch for these considerations regardless of where the garden is.

It helps to use various different traps for handling these predators. A typical fly trap bag can be very useful. This bag works in that it excretes scents that are attractive to predators that can be dangerous to butterflies. The predators will be attracted to it and will end up being killed off due to being stuck onto the bag.

Some electric traps can be used as well. Various different bug lights can be used to attract dangerous insects. It should be noted that some butterflies will be attracted to this light so it is vital to keep it in a safe spot that butterflies will generally not get into.

Of course pesticides should never be used against butterfly garden predators. All pesticides are noted for that they can kill off certain types of plants and will easily kill off butterflies along with their larvae. As a result these pesticides should not be used because they will destroy most everything that they come into contact with.

It is vial for the proper care of a butterfly habitat to protect it from these butterfly garden predators. All sorts of insects and birds can be dangerous to any butterfly habitat. It helps to use various traps but it never helps to use pesticides when it comes to handling these butterfly garden predators.


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