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Plants for Attracting Butterflies to a Butterfly Garden

A variety of different plants can be used for any garden. Some plants will be more effective than others for a butterfly garden. There are all sorts of different plants for attracting butterflies to choose from.

These plants include ones that can be used as caterpillar hosts. These plants will make any butterfly garden impressive and attractive to all butterflies.

The early part of the season will require certain types of plants. These plants are ones that appear before milkweed plants bloom. Butterflies tend to visit spring flowers more than often during the early part of the season. Lilac, red clover and thistle plants are very popular. Dogbane plants can work as well. These plants are noted for their abilities to be able to handle large levels of sunlight during the summer months. These plants will make for great additions to a butterfly garden in the spring.

Different types of plants for attracting butterflies will be needed for the fall. Composite flowers will be the best types to use for the fall. These flowers are ones that work better in cooler conditions and will make for more habitable conditions for butterflies in a butterfly garden. Ironweed and goldenrod plants are among the most popular of these plants for the fall season. Blazing star plants can be used too.

Milkweed is a type of plant that can be used for butterfly caterpillar hosts. This is the only type that is really recommended in terms of hosts. Milkweed is noted for that it is a food source for the larvae of butterflies. Milkweed is also noted for its strong coating and as a result will be a perfect plant to use for any butterfly garden because it can be used as a home for the caterpillars. The ability of this flower to be able to handle butterflies and caterpillars will make it a necessity for any butterfly garden.

There are all sorts of different types of milkweed plants to use for attracting butterflies. The common variety is the most popular of these but there are different types that are best for the various conditions and climates that a butterfly garden can be planted in. For low lying areas the swamp milkweed can be used. Milkweed vine is best for tropic conditions and the showy milkweed can be great for warmer Western climates.

These plants for attracting butterflies can be valuable for any buttery garden. These plants include ones that work for the spring and ones for the summer. There are all sorts of milkweed plants that can be used for attracting caterpillars and butterflies for feeding. All of these plants make for great options to use for any butterfly garden.


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