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Dangerous Butterfly Diseases

In many cases it can be difficult to attract butterflies to a butterfly garden. This is because there can be various different butterfly diseases that can impact the quality of the garden. Various diseases can be harmful but they can be controlled with the right methods of butterfly garden maintenance.

It helps to consider these diseases when looking into butterfly protection so that the butterflies and the garden will be healthier.

The nuclear polyhedrosis virus is a common diseases that can impact butterflies. NPV is a virus that commonly appears in pesticides but it can also be spread through insects that have been in gardens with pesticides. This means that even if the butterfly garden has not been handled with pesticides it can still make an impact in a garden with butterflies. This can be found through discoloration of leaves and consistent decomposition of plants and habitats. Pruning the affected areas is the best way to treat this condition.

A common disease that can impact butterflies is ophryocystis elektroscirrha. This is caused as a protozoan infects a butterfly. It will cause the butterfly to develop dark spores on its surface that can cause damages to the butterfly over time. It will cause butterflies to have reduced activities and shorter flight speeds. This occurs more commonly in the monarch and queen varieties of butterflies but it can be prevalent in some other types. It is very difficult to be able to successfully treat this condition. The best tip to use for this is to avoid the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals because these materials can cause the effects of the disease to become worse.

Pseudomonas bacteria can be harmful as well. Pseudomonas diseases can be caused by this bacteria. This bacteria can create films on the butterflies and can be caused as a result of residue and other materials on the plants in a butterfly garden. Butterfly protection from this bacteria is simple in that the use of plant cleaning materials can be helpful. A water sprayer can be used but it will be important to watch for how this material is used because the materials used should be pure and clean. It should not contain any dangerous chemicals. What matters is that the bacteria and film residue that it thrives on is eliminated properly.

It is vital to watch for these butterfly diseases when it comes to butterfly protection. Various different diseases can be caused through residue and from the spread of pesticides from other gardens to a certain garden. These diseases are important to watch for because if they are treated properly the effects of these diseases will be significantly reduced and the garden will be in a better condition.


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