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Tips for Aphid Control in a Butterfly Garden

Aphids can be dangerous to a butterfly garden. These pests will devour plants and other animals in its habitat. Aphids can cause viruses in this type of garden and it can harm butterflies and keep them from coming back.

There are some valuable tips for aphid control to use that can help with protecting the garden with ease.

It helps first to get a better idea of the dangers that aphids can cause. Aphids are noted for their ability to thrive in temperate areas that many butterfly gardens can be planted in. What’s more is that they will devour on the vessels of plants. When a vessel is damaged the aphid will be able to feed on the materials that come out of it. This means that the vital materials for the plants in the butterfly garden will be lost to the aphid. What’s more is that an aphid can cause diseases that will kill off plants as a result of its feeding.

There are various things that can be used for aphid control though. The first tip involves using insects that are known predators of aphids. Ladybugs are very useful because they are insects that will attack the aphids but will ignore the plants. While there are various other insects that work as predators, including crab spiders and parasitic wasps, it is best to use ladybugs as a means of safety for the plants in the butterfly garden.

The use of a water spray can be helpful as well. Aphids tend to suffer in damp conditions and will die off easily. A water spray that uses pure and clean water can be used to help with getting the aphids off of the plants that they are inhabiting while keeping all of the dangerous materials that an aphid can leave off of the plants. It also works to help with cleaning plants.

The use of a soapy solution can help for a butterfly garden too. A water solution with a light powered dish detergent can be used to help with clearing off aphids. It is best to use a weaker low powered detergent that is not scented so that nothing outside of the aphids will be impacted. All caterpillars that are nearby should be cleared off before using this material first.

By using these tips for aphid control it will be easy to get the butterflies and the plants that they inhabit protected. It will help to use these tips because they work to help with getting insects cleared off and to have any risks that aphids can pose reduced. They can be used in ways that will keep everything outside of the aphids safe and protected too.


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