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Great Butterfly Herbs for Any Butterfly Garden

While flowers are always useful butterfly plants there are many other types of plants that can be used in a butterfly garden. These plants include herbs. Butterfly herbs can be used in that they are attractive and provide great scents and in many cases nectar that butterflies and caterpillars need in their diets.

Lavender is noted for being one of the more popular butterfly herbs for gardens.

Lavender is noted in that it can be used throughout the year for attracting butterflies with its impressive scents. It can also absorb heat that is needed for the survival of cold blooded insects like butterflies. English lavender herbs can be used in the summer while spike lavender can be used in the fall.

Oregano can be used in that it is an herb that is very attractive in both scent and appearance. The oregano can be green or white in color and can produce grasses that the larvae created by butterflies and caterpillars can feed on. These materials are great to use in that they will attract butterflies through color and motion.

Sage herbs can be used for butterflies but not all types of sage will work. The varieties of sage that can be used include garden sage and pineapple sage. Using other herbs in this class will not work as well because those are ones that will attract other types of insects that can even be predators to some butterflies.

There are some herbs that can be used as butterfly plants that can offer nectar, which is a common source of food for butterflies. All sorts of herbs are ones that feature nectar and one of the most popular of these herbs is goldenrod. This yellow colored herb produces nectar in the later parts of the season. Pale coneflower is a type that works in dry areas. Bergamot herbs can not only produce nectar but they can also fend off mildew and other types of bacteria.

There are also butterfly herbs that can be used as great butterfly plants for caterpillars. Dill, hops and sweet violet herbs can be used in that they will attract a variety of different types of caterpillars. These will also create nectar that is needed for the health of caterpillars for their production. Caterpillars can nest with groundcover herbs as well. These groundcover herbs include wintergreen and wild strawberry herbs.

It is always great to use these butterfly herbs as helpful butterfly plants in a garden. These herbs are ones that will easily attract butterflies through their various different properties. These will also allow for the product of nectar in many cases. It always helps to use these for any butterfly habitat.


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